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Maintaining The Order of MERA


The Academy maintains a Ma'atic standard and is dedicated to preserving its ethics.

Ma'at is not only the law that balances and harmonizes the academy, Ma'at protects it.

Djehuti's wisdom

Djehuti means a college, academy, or assembly, and the works of that name were identical with the doctrine of the sages of the world.

Even in the times of Plato, Hermes was already identified with Djehuti of the Ma-ur scholars. But in principle Djehuti is the personification of the sacred teachings of the African sacerdotal caste.

Seshat's library

Mistress of the House of Books is another title for Seshat, being the deity whose priests oversaw the library in which scrolls of the most important knowledge were assembled and spells were preserved. The goal of the modern Medjay and the academy is to build a new digital records hall in accordance to the Principle of Seshat.

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