MERA is a backronym for an ancient place in what is now referred to as the continent of Africa. In ancient times, men and women who wanted to be of service to the all developed a system of principles to live by in accordance to law and order. And thus a select few established MERA.

The learn/teach and teach/learn precepts progressed into institutions for scholars and individuals seeking to be in service of the all. Some say the very principles were established by Djehuti incarnate. A mystery still perpetuated in this digital age. 

Mission & Vision

The mission of the Ma-ur Eclectic Research Lab is
to foster the unity and represent the interests of The
Order of MERA, and to ensure the continuity and development of its economic, scientific, religious, spiritual, cultural, and social heritage.


The Medjay Eclectic Research Academy serves a multitude of purposes; it exists to teach individuals ancient African Principles, as well as supervise them, to ensure the prevention of another loss of knowledge and systems and maintain The Order of MERA. In addition, it is to teach Medjay the skills needed in the practical world and ways to record and preserve wisdom, principles and knowledge.


The Ma-ur Eclectic Research Academy is ran by The Order of MERA, though is supported by trusted instructors and faculty members within the academy and around the globe.


In the Academy, there are two general advancement curriculum. These curriculum decide the purpose of both the student body and teachers present in the school:

Squaring the circle Target Courses: The curriculum for non-combatants teachers and students. Ninety percent of the students in the MERA make up and follow this curriculum. This curriculum deals with practical skills that can be used creatively.

Circling the square Talent Courses: The curriculum that involves the students and teachers to use their own initiative in the Order’s private endeavors. The digital avatars of the student body make up and follow this curriculum. The students are part of their respective Houses and participate in the Pharaoh’s Tournament and undertake special assignments from The Order of MERA in an effort to collect and preserve knowledge.

A teach/learn learn/teach experience

Choose your learning and teaching level


Start from the beginning and work your way up. Build your skills and learn the basics.


Use your intermediary skills do develop proficiency and start developing an understanding of your craft


Expand your knowledge and start building on the basics. Develop an aptitute for progress.


Build social influence and community impacting projects and tools. Teach what you have learned to help rebuild our tree of knowledge.

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